Kiwi Investor Blog is the blog of Michael Gray, who is a Kiwi with over 26 years investment and wealth management experience.

The Blog is dedicated to making available insights into Institutional investment strategies, practices, and processes to a wider audience and in simple language.

Kiwi Investor Blog Posts are written in the spirit to foster debate, challenge industry conventions, and seek continued improvement to client outcomes.

Although the Blog does not provide investment advice, it covers topics of best practice in the management and constructing of investment portfolios.  See Disclosure Statement.

The aim is to provide advanced investment information in simple terms so as to provide the opportunity for discussion, so that better and more robust investment portfolios can be built.

Therefore, consideration can be given to the most important investment risk: the failure to meet your investment objective.

For offshore readers, a Kiwi is a flightless New Zealand bird and a national symbol. People from New Zealand are affectionately called Kiwis. The New Zealand dollar is also referred to as the Kiwi.