Dick Quax – a Kiwi that could fly

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For off-shore readers, a Kiwi, is a flightless native New Zealand bird and a national symbol of New Zealand.  New Zealanders are known affectionately as Kiwis, as is our currency (dollar), the Kiwi.


Kiwi’s Can Fly is a great book by Ivan Agnew.  It is a book about Rod Dixon, Dick Quax, and John Walker, a trio of great New Zealand runners that dominated the world of middle distance running in the 1970’s.

It is sad to hear of the passing of Dick Quax, a leader of this Group by all accounts.

I Posted about Dick Quax earlier in the year.  He was a hero of mine.

It is great to see the many articles paying tribute to Dick Quax, I liked Phil Gifford’s article,  comments by Rod Dixon, and these about being a rock star and also.


In a country where rugby and cricket tended to dominate in the 70’s and 80’s, and if not now, Dick Quax was under-appreciated by the New Zealand public for what he achieved.  He was world class, including being a world record holder over 5000m.


For those who are interested New Zealand has a strong tradition in middle distance running and great success at the Olympics:

New Zealand’s over 1500m at the Olympics:

1936 – Jack Lovelock won Gold

1964 – Peter Snell Gold, and John Davis Bronze

1972 – Rod Dixon, bronze

1976 – John Walker Gold

2008 – Nick Willis, silver

2016 – Nick Willis, bronze (becoming the oldest man to win an Olympic medal in the 1500m)

Over 5000m, Murray Halberg won Olympic gold in 1960 and Quax silver 1976.

Snell also has two Olympic golds over 800m, 1960 and 1964.


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