My heroes and a bit about New Zealand

Dick Quax was a hero of mine when growing up. I wish him all the best.

Quax, (John) Walker, and (Rod) Dixon were amongst my boyhood heroes. The book, Kiwis Can Fly, is a great read of the courage, focus, and drive these guys had. (For off-shore readers, a Kiwi is a flightless New Zealand bird and a national symbol. People from New Zealand are affectionately called Kiwis. The New Zealand dollar is also referred to as the Kiwi.)

Of course Quax, Walker, and Dixon stood on the shoulders of giants, Peter Snell and Jack Lovelock, continuing New Zealand’s great middle and longer distance running tradition.

Special mentioned should be made of Arthur Lydiard, revolutionary coach and mentor. Where ever he went in the world athletic success soon followed.


Arthur, influenced a great person who had a big impact on my life who I wish to pay tribute to, Alistair McMurran, who sadly passed away recently. 


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